Lasting Happiness One Week At a Time

A simple and powerful personal transformation system that helps you find your own path to lasting happiness”

13 Weeks is now available in three languages:

  English: 13 Weeks to Awakening -

  Italian: 13 Settimane per il Risveglio -

  Serbian: 13 Nedelja do budenja -

13 Weeks to Awakening is more than just a book!

It's a combination of many exercises, observations and tools that help you to focus activities on specific areas of your life. The system is very flexible so you can apply it however feels best to you.

This is an immersion process designed to make attributes like presence and compassion a natural part of your life.

The goal is simple, to help you live in lasting happiness! Find your copy at amazon.

Click here for a quick slideshow sample of all 13 Weeks.

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